Ticknock – Fairy Castle Loop

Location: Dublin.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Time: 2 hours.

Distance: 6km.

Equipment: Runners but hiking boots would be preferable.

Families: Not buggy friendly.

Rating: 4 stars.

Confession time! We took a wrong turn on this one (having the chats and not paying attention) and we extended our walk by an hour. It should be an easy walk to navigate – just follow the green walking feet markers. The weather was drizzly the whole way around so there were no panoramic views to enjoy at the top. We’ve done this walk in the past so we can attest to the impressive views of the city that would be visible on a clear day. In spite of the weather (and the wrong turn), we really enjoyed this trail and there was beautiful yellow and purple heather in abundance to admire throughout the walk.

Beautiful yellow and purple heather
Information board at the start of the walk
We did a bit more walking than intended thanks to a wrong turn
Fairy Castle
Follow the green walking feet
The track

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