Marlay Park

Location: Co. Dublin.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 1 hr.

Distance: 4km.

Equipment: Runners.

Families: Suitable for buggies.

Rating: 5 stars.

Reference: Information boards and signposts at several points around the park.

This is a fantastic family friendly park walk. There’s ample entertainment available for all the family and you could easily spend a whole day here. There’s two playgrounds on either side of the park, lots of fitness structures for adults and kids to enjoy, toilets, ample parking, food and drinks places, many green open spaces to play sports or have a picnic and for dog lovers there’s a designated area for dogs to be unleashed. This walk can be as long or as short as you like and for the more adventurous walkers it is the start of leg one of the Wicklow Way. We walked a lap of the perimeter of the park and finished the walk with a delicious 99 ice-cream cone from an ice-cream van in the carpark. 😋

Marlay House
Information board
Our route
Fitness structures
Beautiful ducks
Babbling brook
Buggy friendly

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