Annaloughan Forest Loop, Louth

Difficulty: Moderate.

Time: 2.5 hours.

Distance: 8km.

Equipment: Hiking boots, long pants to protect you from the overgrowth.

Families: Not suitable for buggies.

Rating: 1 star for the waymarked route.


This walk offers expansive views of Dundalk bay and beyond. However, the way marked route is extremely overgrown in parts. We started this walk at Fitzpatrick’s pub which has ample parking. We followed the way markers for the first 3.5km but after getting several scrapes from thorns and nettles we decided to turn back and make up our own route. Some friendly locals along the way suggested an alternate route which we’ve mapped out below. Our advice would be to follow the way markers clockwise and then take a left at the end of the forest to leave the loop.

The alternative route we recommend
The route we took was less straightforward
The trail
Views of Dundalk bay
Beautiful fireweed

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