Lough Bray and Kippure

Location: Dublin / Wicklow border.

Difficulty: Moderate / Hard.

Time: 3 hrs.

Distance: 10 km.

Equipment: rain gear, hat, hiking boots.

Families: Not suitable for buggies or young children.

Rating: 4.5 stars.

Reference: “Dublin & Wicklow – A Walking Guide”, by Helen Fairbairn.

This beautiful and somewhat challenging walk takes in two lakes and Kippure Mountain – Dublin’s county high point. The route begins opposite the car park and a clear path leads you through and above the lakes. We left the path to walk the road up to Kippure, but it is possible to follow the path back to the car park and do a shorter loop. A highly recommended walk offering panoramic views of Dublin and the Wicklow mountains. Be careful on the ascent above the lakes at Eagle’s Crag – a small bit of climbing and use of hands for stability required.

Lough Bray from Eagle’s Crag
Our route
Eagle’s Crag
The road to Kippure
Kippure summit
Sugarloaf in the distance

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