Cruagh Wood and Glendoo

Location: South Dublin.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Time: 3 hrs 15 minutes.

Distance: 9.5km.

Equipment: rain gear, runners or hiking boots if you want to take on Glendoo.

Families: Cruagh Wood is buggy friendly.

Rating: 4 stars.

Reference: and Family Walks Around Dublin by Adrian Hendroff.

The minute we arrived in Cruagh Wood carpark we were treated to a magnificent panorama of Dublin. We started the walk on a conifer lined gravel track. Gaps in the trees reveal expansive views of Dublin all the way to Howth. We then followed the boardwalk up to take on Glendoo and Cruagh mountains. The route to Glendoo is very boggy so it’s not one to be taken on after wet weather. The summit of Glendoo is rather unimpressive and it’s difficult to figure out it’s exact location. However, the 360 views, along the route the summit, of the Wicklow and Dublin mountains to the south and the coastline to the north, made it worth the effort. Conversely, Cruagh mountain access trail is very straight forward and the summit is clearly marked by a small stone cairn. Cruagh summit boasts impressive views of the mountains and coastline.

The walkers
OSI map
Our Route
The track through Cruagh Wood
The boardwalk up to Cruagh Summit
A stone cairn marks the summit of Cruagh Mountain
Howth in the distance

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