Glenasmole Reservoir loop

Location: Co. Dublin.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 2 hrs.

Distance: 9km.

Equipment: Runners, rain gear.

Families: Suitable for all terrain buggy.

Rating: 4 stars.


We set out on a gloomy Sunday morning to Bohernabreenha carpark. The walk starts on a tarmac road between fields and houses. It’s when we reached the waterside that the beauty of the walk emerged. In spite of the persistent rain, we were enchanted by the tranquility of the lakes and the perfect reflection of the surrounding trees and hills in the still waters. The sounds of birdsong, bleating lambs and lapping water filled the misty air. The walk itself is well marked out (follow the walking feet and not the walking man – the walking man is for the Dublin Mountains Way). It is a mostly flat walk on stony paths and tarmacked roads.

Tranquil Lakes
The Route
Way markers – follow the walking feet
The path
A perfect reflection of the hills and trees in the water

3 thoughts on “Glenasmole Reservoir loop

  1. Hi Caitriona and Tara. It was lovely meeting you on walk today. I look forward to reading your blog. Great resource for future hikes. Brídín x

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