Lugnagun and Sorrel Hill

Location: Blessington lakes, Co. Wicklow.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Time: 2 hrs 15.

Distance: 8km.

Equipment: Rain gear, hiking boots, hat, gloves.

Families: Not buggy friendly.

Rating: 4 stars.


On a cold blustery Sunday we set out to explore at Blessington lakes. There’s no obvious parking spots so we parked opposite the start of the trail, which was marked by a purple bucket on a stick. (no really!) There were no markers or information boards but in spite of this we found it an easy walk to navigate. The peak of Lugnagun is hard to find but Sorrel Hill summit is marked with a large cairn. Sorrel Hill boasts spectacular views of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains and Blessington lakes. There are very few walkers and it is well worth a visit – an unexploited gem.

Boggy terrain en route to the summit of Sorrel Hill
Our planned route
Our actual route was close to the plan for once
The start of our walk was marked by a purple bucket on a stick 😂
Tara and Caitriona were joined by their friend, Patrick (in the background)
Beautiful views of Blessington lake

3 thoughts on “Lugnagun and Sorrel Hill

  1. Thanks for sharing ! I have been really enjoyed your posts and thanks for all the hidden gems in wicklow and dublin area! my dog is so happy!

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