The Spinc (white loop), Glendalough

Location: Co. Wicklow.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Time: 2hrs 30mins.

Distance: 9km.

Equipment: Hiking boots preferable, scarf, hat.

Families: Not buggy friendly.

Rating: 4 stars.

We returned to the spectacular Glendalough on a gloriously sunny morning to complete this hike. On arrival, we realised we were in good company when we joined the queue to enter the carpark! The walk itself is very straightforward to follow, but it does test the fitness levels on the ascent. The views are stunning. However, the crowds that day did detract from the beauty and serenity of the place. We both preferred our Derrybawn hike for this reason.

Gorgeous views
Our route
The queue for the carpark
The ascent
The boardwalk
The rocky return

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