Portrane to Donabate Cliff Walk

Location: Co. Dublin.

Difficulty: Easy.

Time: 40 minutes.

Distance: 2km each way.

Equipment: Rain gear, runners, hat, gloves.

Families: Buggy friendly.

Rating: 5 stars.

We chose a short handy walk for St Patrick’s day. What the walk lacked in distance, it made up for in breathtaking views of Lambay island and the coastline all the way to the Sugarloaf in Wicklow. The car park has ample parking and was easy to find. Just follow the R126 as far as it goes. We walked as far as the Shoreline hotel and came back the way we went. Although we usually avoid linear walks that involve walking the same path twice, the views were so impressive that we enjoyed the return journey just as much.

Beautiful sandy beaches
Our Route
Just Caitriona and Tara on this one
Stunning scenery
Yellow daffodils lined the path
Views of Howth and the Sugarloaf
More gorgeous views
Lambay Island

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