Slievethoul and Lugg

Location: West Dublin.

Difficulty – Easy.

Time – 2 hrs.

Distance – 8km for both loops.

Equipment needed – Rain gear, hiking boots as it is mucky at the Lugg part, could do Slievethoul in runners, snacks, water.

Families: Suitable for all terrain buggies.

Rating – 2 stars.

Reference –

This is mostly a forest trail. The weather was very overcast the day we did these two loops so there weren’t many views. The top of Slievethoul is not pretty. It’s littered with satellite towers and fenced off areas. The way it’s explained on the dublin mountains website makes it seem like a 2 hour loop and a 1 hour loop but it’s actually two 1 hour loops. So we were a bit disappointed because we were expecting a longer walk. Also on the Lugg loop one of the markers is in the wrong place so we ended up going the wrong way and we had to navigate and go back on ourselves to get back on track. Ironically the wrong turn brought us to the best views on the walk.

Snowy forest trail
Again, just Tara and Caitriona on this one
The Route
It was ominous looking in parts
A lovely fairy garden
The views?
A misty view of Dublin – when we went off course

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